Working on site update (by Xerion) - Friday 4th of August 2006 22:11

I started learning AJAX techniques to replace current iframe junk. Seems promising :)

Some new stuff (by Xerion) - Thursday 12th of May 2005 22:40

Got the song listing working again, check it out, it's on the navmenu like before but now it actually works :)

Also added some stuff for adding links, but since I have the only account on the site it's only visible to me...

Testing out current posting system (by Xerion) - Monday 11th of April 2005 14:23

Re-added login to site and testing the newspost system...

New site online (by Xerion) - Wednesday 2nd of February 2005 21:57

Brought the new site online, it's not completely finished but I'm working on it...


Reworking Site (by Xerion) - Wednesday 2nd of February 2005 03:07

Started work on a new layout, and a rewrite of some of the current functions since they can use an overhaul :)